"Point Comfort has become an important tradition in our family and we look forward to gathering there every summer.  We combine our week there with a larger family reunion."


"I met my wife at Point Comfort and 28 years ago we were married on the Point.  We return there every year as a celebration of         family traditions."                                                             ~Brecc    

Surrounded by water on three sides, this sweet cottage has a commanding view of Lake George, including Dome Island, the Narrows and Tongue Mountain. Perched on a rock outcropping, you will view gorgeous sunsets from the sturdy Adirondack chairs set there for just that purpose. I think this is one of the most charming spots on the lake and it successfully combines the historical nature of the setting with enough coziness to make it comfortable.  

 ~Pat McEvoy

Here is a fun one that I found in Wikipedia about Lake George:
On May 31, 1791, Thomas Jefferson wrote in a letter to his daughter, "Lake George is without comparison, the most beautiful water I ever saw; formed by a contour of mountains into a basin... finely interspersed with islands, its water limpid as crystal, and the mountain sides covered with rich groves... down to the water-edge: here and there precipices of rock to checker the scene and save it from monotony."

This is our family summer home since the 1800s and we rent it out to help cover the taxes.  To us this is a little bit of heaven here on earth.

                                               ~ Marsh

We had a blast with the kids at your place and wanted to thank you again for sharing the experience with my family... We'd love to find a place like that to share with future generations of Dargans!

                ~ Joe Dargan

A sweet spot in history for time travelers.
~George Madaraz