Here is some information for Renters to read before 

arriving that will help during your stay.


 The arrival time is Saturday at 2:00 in the afternoon. 

The departure time is Saturday by 10:00 in the morning. 

If you arrive before 2:00 pm you may park and walk around, 

however the cleaning crew may still be there and would need you to keep out of their way. 

 Do not stay later than 10:00 on Saturday at the end of your week so the Cleaning crew can 

come in unhindered and precede quickly. Please leave the house clean, dishes done beds unmade, 

trash put in the cans, outside grounds picked- litter free, everything in it's place. 

It will help keep the rent costs down if the cleaning service does not have extra to do.


There is room for parking two cars at Pt. Comfort in the space between the small 

outbuilding on the side of the road (Neddy’s Cabin) and the swamp. Please be 

sure your car is completely off the road; there is a right of way through the 

property and cars and trucks need to get through smoothly. There is no parking in 

the space between the garage and the house.


The kitchen is supplied with the basics. There are an electric stove/oven, 

refrigerator, toaster, and coffee maker. Most kitchen utensils are provided. Please 

use water sparingly when doing dishes, because waste water goes into a 

holding tank with limited capacity.  Feel free to use the paper plates provided. 

There is no dishwasher, microwave oven, automatic clothes washer or dryer,

 television, or internet access. 


The house has five bedrooms: two with one single bed each, two with two single 

beds each, and one with a full bed. There will be a blanket and comforter on all 

the beds and sheets for each bed in the top drawer of the bureau in each room. 

The beds will not be made when you arrive. There are extra sheets and blankets 

in the big green zinc box by the stairs on the second floor. There are towels in the 

metal box in the upstairs NW bedroom. We suggest you bring your own bed 

linens and towels to avoid having to make the trip into town to the laundromat on 

your last day. If you use the sheets or towels provided, please wash them and 

return them to where you found them before you leave. There are five single bed 

mattresses on the sleeping porch. Sheets have not been left out for these beds. 

The mattresses on the sleeping porch will be stacked up against the wall close to 

the door to avoid the rainy weather, which usually blows from the southwest. 

Spread them out as you need them and leave them spread out for your stay if you 

wish. Please remember to stack them up again when you leave or when there is a 

wet, blustery storm. 


Our canoe will be available for you to use. Paddles and life jackets are provided. 

Please do not leave the paddles in the sun or in a place where they might blow 

into the water in a strong breeze. Storing paddles in a dry, shady place when not 

in use will prolong their life. If you bring a boat by trailer you can launch it at one 

of the many marinas around the lake. The closest to Pt. Comfort with a public 

launch ramp is Fischer’s Marina, about a half mile down on Pilot Knob Road 



NEW POLICY AS OF 2016. Garbage pick-up is every Monday.

There are two cans for regular garbage and one can for recyclables which are kept

near the street in front of the white garage door. The can with the yellow lid is for recycling.

Recycling includes all plastics (1-7), glass, metal and paper. It all goes into the one can together.

The new cans are large and supposed to be raccoon proof. If you have more garbage

or recycling than will fit in the cans when you leave, please take it with you.

Do not leave food other than condiments and spices in the refrigerator or cabinets.


There are no fires allowed on Pt. Comfort. If you would like to have a fire outdoors, 

please use the bar-b-que grill or metal yard pit. Please Do Not dump ashes or 

partially used charcoal on the point. Bag it and put it out for the trash. 

Do Not cut or chop off any limbs/trees, dead or living for fire wood or any purposes. 

To Bring: 

Bring some warm clothing. It can get chilly at night on the lake even in midsummer.

 You may want to bring sheets and towels to save you the effort of washing ours

 while you are on vacation. Also bring fire wood and kindling if you want to build a fire in 

the bar-b-que grill or metal yard pit.

Contact Info: 

Due to pervasiveness of cell phones and the good reception on the point, there is no 

longer a land line at Point Comfort. The address at Point Comfort is 

2003 Camp Andrews Way, 

Pilot Knob, NY 12844 

We do not have a mail box or post office box. Your best 

bet for receiving mail is to have it directed to general delivery, Katskill Bay 12844. 

The post office is two miles south of Pt. Comfort on the left (east) side of the road. 


The beach is an ideal spot for small children, because they can build in the sand 

and play in the shallow water. The drop-off is extremely gradual. It is especially 

nice early in the morning and late in the day. If you leave a car at the

 beach parking lot overnight, you may get ticketed or towed. It is important 

not to swim around to the beach from the point or back. It undermines 

the life guards who try to discourage beach swimmers from trespassing. 

We don't want to encourage the public from the beach to swim to the point. 


If you have problems of any kind call the Greens at one of these numbers:  

Corey's Cell: 540-808-7618,  Jeff’s cell: (917) 776-9571 

Marsh’s cell: (347) 385-5481, Melissa’s cell: (347) 989-5381.  

If you need to contact Camp Chingachgook to report a noise problem 

you can reach them at (518) 656-9462. The Camp is quite responsive to 

reasonable complaints and generally take care of problems right away.



    For emergencies call 911. In case of fire, ask for the Pilot Knob Fire Department

and tell them you are at 2003 Camp Andrews Way in Pilot Knob. You are right

next to the Fort Anne town beach at the north end of Pilot Knob Road.

If you need assistance on the water, call the Lake George Patrol at (518) 656-8213,

or use Marine VHF Channel 16. You are at the small point on the eastern shore

just south of Camp Andrew and just north of YMCA Camp Chingachgook.

The Glens Falls Hospital Emergency Room is located at 100 Park Street in the

city of Glens Falls. You get there by driving south on route 9L into Glens Falls

and continue on Hudson Street for 2 blocks. The hospital is on your left.

The emergency room phone number is (518) 926-3000.


It is very important that you leave the house inside and out clean. 

If the house is not clean when you arrive please call Corey @ 540-808-7618. 

You may have gotten there before the cleaners if they have something that held them up. 

Please leave the house clean, dishes done, bed rooms tidy, all trash put in the cans outside, 

the outside grounds picked up - litter free, and everything in it's place. 


The tap water comes directly from the lake. It is clean and delicious, and we drink it.