Pictures Pictures Southwest Bedroom on Second Floor Two twin beds, two bureaus The house has five bedrooms: two with one single bed each, two with two single beds each, and one with a full bed. 191758832 South bedroom on First Floor Double bed, two bureaus 191758833 View from front porch facing lake 191758834 Northwest Bedroom Second Floor Single bed and trundle bed, one bureau 191758835 Dining room and Living room 191758836 Living room 191786756 Kitchen The kitchen is supplied with the basics. There is an electric stove/oven, refrigerator, toaster and coffee maker. Most kitchen utensils are provided. 191758837 Sleeping Porch After a blanket war 191786758 Front of House that faces the lake. The back of the house faces the road. 191758838 Front Yard Facing Lake 191786757 sail boats on the lake 191998540 Neddie's Cabin on the East side of the house This is the view from back of the house facing the road. Beach in the distance. 191786753 Neddie's Cabin view from back of the house facing the road 191786754 Heron in flight over the lagoon behind Neddies' Cabin Great blue heron as well as other wild life can be viewed from the Erie behind Neddies' Cabin 191998539 Adirondack Chairs on the Point 191758839 View from the point 191786755 Our Bay at Sun Set Our docks are on the left. 191758840 One of Our Long Docks We have two long docks that you can tie a boat up to. 191763473 canoe at the dock 191998538 Our Canoe In the Bay 191763474 Kitchen Dock Northeast Side of House Morning Sunlight 191786760 Ducks in the Bay 191786761 Shelving Rock Falls One of the beautiful places to visit while there. 191763475 Shelving Rock Falls Short hike from Log Bay 191763476 View From Top of Buck 191786764 View From Top of Buck 191786765 View From Top of Buck 191786766 View From Top of Buck 191786767 View From Top of Buck 191786768