Activities at Point Comfort

Swimming in the bay off the docks is great for kids and adults since it is about 3' deep ans gradually gets deeper. Swimming off the point is fun and there are several rock piles you can stand on and rest. It is fun to rock walk too.(Ask when you call). It is not OK to swim from the point to the beach or from beach to the point, (see Information for renters). However, The Beach is a great place to walk to and swim.  

The beach is an ideal spot for small children, because they can build in the sand and play in the shallow water. The drop-off is extremely gradual. There is a life guard on duty during the day. The beach is especially 

nice early in the morning and late in the day.

For Arial view of the point and the beach:,-73.6265295,396a,35y,359.14h,2.51t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x89dfe485217c59ad:0xc937eec63c517d0e

The Erie is a deck overlooking the "Lagoon"  (wetlands) It is a hide away from people, noise, and the wind that comes in off the lake. Great for reading a book, sun bathing, warming up, or nature watching.

You will probably see a Great Blue Heron and many other birds, as well as turtles, frogs and beavers. There are identification books in the house for those who are curious or are serious watchers.


There is a canoe for renters to use, and life jackets on the kitchen porch.  You can take a long ride on the lake, lots of great spots to go. Or you can go through the tunnels under the bridge (or cart it over the road) back to the lagoon and go exploring. You should be able to see a beaver lodge and the beaver himself.

On the Point

You can play rough terrain croquette, challenging and fun. The balls and mallets are available.  There is also a charcoal grill for cooking out.

You can sit on the porch or out on the point and enjoy the view. Watch the sail boats go by. The sunsets are beautiful!

Feeding the families of ducks is fun. But we need to keep it to a bare minimum for many good reasons. Check out these two websites for understanding. 




There are lots of fun quirks about the house.

For instance, each year a new birch bark goes up on the wall with the family names of who slept there that summer. The oldest I think is 1898. There is even a renters wall so you can make your own.

Another is the fun writing fungus on the shelves telling of adventures from over the years. 

Upstairs are posters, child made, from over the years announcing the Pilot Knob Picnic. An old tradition from days gone by. 

The dining room table is perfect for playing games. Cards, chess, and board games can be found in the secretary and closet next to the table. Also in the closet is a funky hat collection to be worn while playing games (family tradition).

Things about the house have odd names that have been handed down through the generations. The big metal blanket box on the 2nd floor is called the zinc box. The Cabin out back is called Neddie's cabin. The couch in the living room is called Old Joe Bills because old Joe Bill was big and lumpy like the couch. They were a humorous bunch. 

The Sleeping Porch is on the second floor and can fit four single mattresses side by side across it. It is a wonderful place to sleep. You are lulled to sleep by the sounds of the bull frogs and green frogs and wake up in the morning to birds or if you sleep in, then kids playing at the beach and Camp Chingachgook. For frog sounds listen to this video.


There are old photographs around the house that are pictures of our ancestors who used to summer there. 

Several books about the history of Pilot Knob and Point Comfort are on the shelves. It is fun to read the old ways of the area.

The bird pictures were painted by Uncle Dicky - Charles E. Daley.